Practice Areas

Personal Injury

The Law Firm of Boon Calk Echols Coleman & Goolsby, PLLC in Longview, Texas, is dedicated to serving and defending the rights of personal injury victims throughout East and Northeast Texas. Whether you’ve been involved in a vehicular accident, the victim of a defective product, or injured on the job, our team of experienced and skilled litigators will stand by you from start to finish, working diligently to achieve successful results, and negotiate the best settlement possible.

We proudly put our reputation on the line with every case, backed by a collective 200+ years of experience and the highest ethical and professional standards. Together with a highly trained staff, expert investigative resources, financial strength, and a tradition of success, we are ready to listen to your needs and provide you with the most comprehensive and responsive level of legal service available so you can provide and protect your family.

Estate Planning, Trusts & Wealth Transfer

Dealing with the complexities of estates, wills, trusts, and distribution of assets, as well as the succession of a business can feel overwhelming. Our attorneys are here to help. Should a dispute arise, we are experienced in all areas of estate planning, probate law, and even litigation. We will partner with you to create a comprehensive solution to meet all of your personal estate planning needs, simple or complex, and help ensure your family, and the assets you have spent a lifetime building, are protected today and in the future.

  • Wills and Codicils

  • Trusts

  • Marital Property Agreements

  • Business Succession 

  • Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs)

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) 

  • Guardianships

  • Durable Powers of Attorney

  • Living Wills/Advance Directives

  • Estate/Probate Administration

Business Law & Commercial Litigation

We understand the complexities and challenges that go along with every successful business, whether you’re a “Mom and Pop” operation or a large corporation with complex needs. Planning for your company’s future needs today could save time and expensive complications wherever business leads.

  • Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), and Corporations

  • Commercial Contracts

  • Commercial Transactions, Asset Sales, and Acquisitions

  • Governmental Affairs and Municipal Law

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation

  • Business Dissolution

Even with thorough planning, unforeseen complications can arise in business, and we will strive to achieve the best possible resolution or settlement for you through negotiation and mediation swiftly and cost-effectively, and if necessary, we’ll put our team’s proven litigation experience to work to protect your rights and interests in court. 

  • Breach of Contract Claims

  • Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

  • Employment Litigation

  • Insurance Litigation

  • Business Tort Claims (Fraud, Trade Secret Theft)

  • Patent Litigation

Intellectual Property

We have experience, insight, and knowledge to help protect your trade secrets, book of patents, and intellectual property from misappropriation, infringement, or theft. Litigation in an IP dispute can be very complex, and our in-depth trial experience in courtrooms throughout East and Northeast Texas can help guide you through the business and legal challenges you may face so your business can thrive.

  • Trade Secrets

  • Patents

  • Domain Names

  • Trademark

  • Copyright

  • Breach of Contract

  • Ownership

  • Licensing

If you or a loved one are in need of legal representation or assistance with a personal injury, estate planning, business law, or intellectual property case, contact our accident lawyers in Longview Texas to schedule a case consultation.

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